Friday, April 22, 2011

Welsh Hawthorn.

Welsh Hawthorn bought from Kevin Willson in 2003. No early work pictures but this snap was taken in 2008. Great bark on these Welsh trees and the movement is very dynamic. It was planted in one of my own pots. My feeding then, was not as much as it is now.
A clearer shot. Although the canopy is a good width and height, it lacks ramification,
Pruned back considerably in 2009 to improve back budding and ramification
The first time it's flowered since I bought it. Note it is only on one side of the tree. Someone suggested it may have been two trees that fused together many years ago. I'm not so sure as both sides leaf up at the same time and the leaf shape is identical.
Taken with a dark background for contrast.
Potted Spring 2011 into this lovely Gordon Duffett pale blue crackle. Should go well with the berries.
May 2011 and growing well with the feeding regime

Autumn 2012.