Monday, April 18, 2011

Best of British and assisting Salvatori Liporace

At the Best of British Bonsai, I was asked by Tony Tickle if I would assist Salvatori with this rather large Scots Pine.The first day was spent needle plucking and working the deadwood whilst Salvatori spoke to the audience. The second day was spent wiring and placing the tree.
Salvatori asked me to create the deadwood which involved cleaning and tearing the cut branches. This helps to give the appearance of an old damaged tree and as time goes on they will look older and older
Close up of some of the deadwood the deadwood. This was fairly easy to do as the branches were green.
The final touches on day 2. One of the jinned branches is in the way, so it was removed.
After 2 days of work, the tree is finally finished. A very good weekend indeed.
Salvatori with the finished tree. Quite a beast and great movement. The tree that is!

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