Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big "ol" Elm

This English Elm was collected in 2007. It was part of a very old hedge and after collection was airlayered, as there was massive inverse taper below the present roots. By far the quickest airlayer removal at just 7 weeks. It was then potted into the present container and left to grow until it was ready for the first styling in Summer 2010. The width of the base is some 14" across and 26" high.
Completely leaf pruned and everything wired. This will be repeated on a yearly basis to build good structure. The deadwood, though largely left alone was treated with a wet rot wood hardener.
Two weeks after leaf pruning and wiring. The tree will stay in this pot for a cople of years to really bulk up the branches. The bottom branch was also adjusted slightly to the left.
The first flush of foliage after the wiring and very vigorous too. I really like this one.
Feeding at every watering is really giving results this year. Nearly 2 feet of growth if left alone.

               The tree leaf pruned but the extension growth left to fatten up the branches some more.

The front of this Elm.Work carried out May 2011
Pruned and leaf pruned. Some areas left in leaf to bulk up the leader and branches.
Most branches pruned back in readiness for the Spring. Some sacrifice branches left to gain thickness and the bottom branch has been wired to add a curve in about 3/4 down. 2014