Friday, April 22, 2011

Native Scots Pine

Collected near Inverness in Scotland in 2007. Pinus sylvestris scotia, is a true native Pine in the UK. The Pine had been worked once before but no photos I'm affraid. I love the gentle movement in this tree.

4 hours later and styled in the Spring of 2010 and I'm very happy with the finished image.

Photo taken a month later after bud burst. This tree will stay in the pot for another season.

An alternative front to this tree. It will probably go in a round pot but suggestions would be appreciated
So, 4 years on and time for a wiring. This tree has been fed strongly and pruned for backbudding and ramification. A couple of smaller branches died off but nothing major. The tree last weekend. March 2014
Right side 
Most shoots have 3 terminal buds which is down to good feeding. The middle one will be removed during wiring.
Tree wired this morning. Now for the fun part
Right side done

And the back

Left side

                                                             And the very front view
My prefered front is to the right of centre and will be marked as so for potting. The bottom branch is not quite right. It will develop into two pads but is in this position now to access more light.
A little adjustment to the bottom branch