Monday, June 24, 2013

Steve (Harleyrider) Jacksons little Ulmus

Some of you may remember Steve (Harleyrider) Jackson for his imaginative and funny posts on the Internet Bonsai Club. I became good friends with Steve over a number of years and he often commented on trees that I posted on that forum. It became clear to me that Steve was particularly fond of English Elm (Ulmus minor), so I gave him one of mine to start working on. I met with Tony Tickle at the Joy of Bonsai 2010 in Bath and as Tony knew Steve well, I asked him to pass the tree on.
  Unfortunately Steve died last Summer and we never got to work on this tree as intended. We did however discuss orientation and styling ideas together.
Tony passed the tree back to me at Burrs 2012.  This first picture was taken by Steve before he died.

I repotted the tree at the angle me and Steve discussed and into one of Andy Pearsons (Stone Monkey) more unusual slab built pots
Leaf pruned and all four sides shown

 Little bit of carving to do in the near future. I am happy that this tree is true to the consideration we both gave to this tree. It will stay with me as a lasting memory of Steve.
Back in leaf now and growing strongly. I will change the planting angle this Winter.
Allthe wire was removed today and the whole tree pruned back to aid back budding. Feb 2014


  1. A lovely tree and a nice piece of history with it. Thanks

  2. Thank you. I have a few memorial trees including an old Sylvestris I collected as my father passed away. All my trees have a special meaning but some just that little bit more.