Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Capel Manor show UK

October 2011. I was asked to judge a show down in Enfield Middx by a good friend of mine. The show is run by the Capel Manor bonsai club and is a small show but the quality of display is very high. Along with fellow judge Bryan Albright, we selected this Chamecyparis as best tree in show. The only criticism with the display was the pot. Maybe a slab or a flat stone would make a better composition? 
Best composition. Pinus parviflora and Pyracantha

Acer buergerianum. Public vote for best tree.

Large Carpinus

Prunus spinosa


Juniperus chinensis with grasses.

Crateagus monogyna and Taxus baccata.

My favorite tree in the show. Pinus parviflora

Pinus parviflora

Acer palmatum Seigen with Fern accent

Larix decidua and Moss accent.

Carpinus and Cotoneaster
Taxus baccata driftwood style.

Larix decidua and Saxifrage accent