Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Spanish sylvestris

 Some work I carried out at the weekend for Alex. Originally from David Benevente's garden. This sylvestris lost its way health wise but it recovered well with Davids support.

Because it had just been allowed to grow, there where many branches with whorls of shoots. I more or less pruned it back and selected for bifurcation. 

I tried to keep it as true to Davids original styling but had to make space for light to reach the lowest branch as its under the canopy. Enjoyed working on this tree.

Tree when Alex bought it from David.

4 years later

Lots of back budding but many multiple whorls of branches.

All branches were cleaned out to just two shoots or branches.

Just this years foliage was left.

About 50% removed

Tree thinned and ready for wiring. Primaries didn't need wiring. 2.5 mm copper and smaller sizes only

And the finished result. Was a pleasure re working this tree.