Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some new stills added to the English Elm (Ulmus minor) thread. Click the link.
                                                                        And more........

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Just look at my Plums. Soon be naked too.....

The Plums on my Prunus spinosa are a good colour and the leaves are about to turn. Some good colours on the foliage and here are a few of them..... Click the links for the individual trees full history. 
Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna). Full history at.
Just colouring up. Another Ulmus minor. Full history at
The berries have recently coloured up and the foliage will follow shortly. All individual tree threads have been updated. Full history at

Monday, October 8, 2012

Denmark 2012

Just got back from my fourth visit to Denmark and third visit to Bonsai Nan Kai on the Island of Falster. I spent the weekend with Lone and Otto Rasmussen at their home and we had a weekend of workshops at a local village with the bonsai club. On the first morning after breakfast we talked through all the students trees. The history and what possible designs to go for. Then after lunch we got down to the work. It was a small room on the first day but we had a lot more space on the second
Some trees had work done on the deadwood like this Pine. Just the start.
This Pine was a very old bonsai and the bark plates were very small.
A slight change of angle was chosen to enhance the movement and the branches were wired.
The first wiring on this trees journey to becoming a good bonsai. Some more work will be done to the deadwood and as the tree buds back, better definition will be achieved.
A beautiful Pinus sylvestris that has been worked on for 30 years. This tree received a thinning to let the light into the interior.
A Pinus Banksiana. Totally wired and ready for styling
A long way to go but a promising future.
Saturday night we sat for dinner and had a few drinks.

On the Sunday I spent most of the day showing how I would style the trees. Every student worked on at least one tree but others had more. 
Pinus sylvestris that was styled by Kevin Willson some years ago....
Totally wired and styling about to take place..
Notice my carefully selected backdrop for the styling?
A small change of angle too. Purely to be able to see both sketches
Lone's Quercus. This tree was worked on the last time I visited and the next 2 pictures show how it was then....
Before any work was carried out in 2011
Carving the old stumps and trunk to help create some movement
.........and now. This tree is filling out nicely and with a leaf prune I carried out in June, the leaves are quite small
Another good Pine from Sweden
Again inspired by the background pictures.

And the result.
Many thanks to all that attended and for making me feel very welcome again. Looking forward to next years visit. :-)