Sunday, July 12, 2020

Kishu Juniper restyle.

Finished wiring and restyling this juniper for a customer today. Originally this tree was presented as a very nice and unusual semi cascade tree. It was purchased and the new owner decided to change it to informal upright.
It was then sold on again in quite poor condition and has spent last year regaining health.
Looking at the trunk line I felt there was a more dynamic tree within. The previous design had an almost static appearance with a right left bias. I felt the tree going the other way.
I have just set the bones at the moment and as the foliage settles down in a year or two, more separation and definition will be possible.
Original tree
Second evolution 
  Tree un wired and thinned slightly

Change of angle increases dynamism of the trunk in my opinion.
As mentioned at the top, more development needed now bones have been set. The full image makes the tree appear younger and smaller. More negative space and smaller foliage clouds will be developed.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Itoigawa Juniper shohin

Restyling work carried out on a small Itoigawa juniper for a customer. First two pictures its first styling in Poland by someone else.
                         First image
I wasnt keen on the line chosen. Too many (close to) horizontal and vertical lines
By changing the orientation the deadwood becomes dynamic.

I wanted to open the tree right up as venerable and ancient trees have lots of separation. 
Final result