Monday, January 26, 2015

First workshop at my new house

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while but with moving house I have been quite busy.
Last weekend my good friend Simon Haddon came up for the weekend and we spent Saturday refining the deadwood and restyling an Elm tree. This is my third time working on this tree and it has grown well in his care. The first pic is how it was finished after I used it to demo at the Maidstone bonsai club.

The tree had it's second working at Burrs 2013. The tree was block carved and rewired. Last Saturday we gave it a good prune and I refined the carving. The orientation and a new front were also chosen. Simon working on the tree.

The carving was refined

Then the tree was restyled. Although the deadwood is now the focus of this tree, I do not usually advocate this in deciduous trees as the deadwood is transient and will not last like junipers or Pines with a high resin content. This tree does however have excellent movement and the hollow will make an excellent feature also.