Friday, July 20, 2012

Bushukan and Southend Bonsai club

Last night I was invited by the Southend Bonsai Club held at Bushukan Bonsai at Hockley in Essex. They asked me to create some carving so I took down an easily attainable Privet (Ligustrum) that I had collected a couple of years earlier. Rudi Spanko had recently sent me his new range of carving bits to try out so I thought I would combine the two. I used all but the third from left. They all cut both forward and sideways and very smoothly too.

Tree allowed to extend until midsummer
This tree has had nothing other than the clip and grow technique over the last 3 years. Branches being allowed to extend all Summer and then cut back hard and allowed to extend again.
The tree had 3 holes punched through to create a hollow trunk
I tried to add as much detail as possible but as most of the wood was still green (sap wood) it will be left to season before the real fine detail will be added.
The slightly fluffy appearance of the sap wood

I am pleased with the work carried out so far but the tree has another couple of sessions of carving before it is finished.

Update on this tree Summer 2013. I took this back to Bushukan to extend the deadwood and work on the canopy
The canopy was cut back, thinned and some branches wired to space correctly.


  1. bonito trabajo,como siempre,es un placer ver tus articulos.gracias por compartir con todos tu obra
    un saludo

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I love to impart some of my knowledge to others and hope to inspire people to create great bonsai

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