Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spanish holiday 2011

                         Some pictures of the stunning scenery around Girona and the Costa Brava

                                       The first few are in and around the Pyrenees mountains

                                            Lots and lots of cattle grazed Hawthorn in this area

Some wild flowers in the mountains

Face in the root of a Beech tree
Prehistoric burial chamber in the mountains behing Girona

The whole area was covered with Cork Oak
Huge swaithes of Cork Oak

Wierdly pruned Pines on the coast
Wonderful bark colours

                                                           Limestone cliffs and caves
Some of the coastal flora
Pines fighting for survival

Medieval street in Pals
                                        And the most picturesque of them all in his swimwear

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  1. Great photos Will, A stunning part of the world. I see your holiday snaps are the same as mine from Florida this year I took 2500 photos and only 400 had the family in them :-)