Thursday, September 12, 2013

Czech Republic. Pavel's Mugo. Day 2

On the Friday Pavel had asked me to work on his large and very old Mugo Pine. The main area for work was a large reduced branch on the right. This is the tree.
I asked Pavel what he wanted from the carving. His only request was to preserve areas of the old bark. Even though it is dead, it will persist for many years. I marked the stump with chalk to work from.

This is more like the future front for the tree. Just left of centre

About to crack on with the work

I used a scraper to remove the thick and stubborn bark
            From the back I carved a hollow in the fattest trunk and added movement to the surface.

The front was pierced and a feeling of decay was added. Time will only improve this work as weather heats, chills, wets and dries the deadwood
The branch underneath was next to carve
Then a higher branch coming from the main trunk
Again it was hollowed slightly and any straightness lost to carry through the movement

Then smaller bits used to add detail and texture
Nearly done for the day and pretty intense work it is too

 Some small adjustments were made on the Monday before I returned to the UK. The branch I am carving in the below picture had some more movement and a reduction in the bulk. You might be able to make it out in the bottom picture
Finished and back in the garden. Everyone is happy.
                                                           Studio picture of the work. Mireks day to follow.......


  1. Thank you Alberto. It was a pleasure to work with Pavel and spend some time with him, his friends in this beautiful country

  2. looking good... and the tree too :)