Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Czech Republic, Pavel and Mirek. Day One

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to visit Pavel Slovak and Mirek Skrabal for a few days. 4 days in all but 3 days of work with plenty of eating and bonsai talk. I had a fantastic time and am looking forward to going back again next year. Everyone was so generous and hospitable. I arrived early on the Thursday to be met by Pavel and Jakub at the airport.
It was a 2 hour drive from Bratislava to Pavels garden. We stopped for a very nice lunch at a pub and then on to Pavels to look at his collection. Jakub and Pavel in the garden

Three snakes is a Pinus Mugo and Pavel's signature tree.

                       Another Mugo in development on one of Erik Krizovensky's hand made slabs
This is the Mugo that Pavel wanted me to carve on the Friday

                                                    A big semi cascade Pinus densiflora
                                                                                      The deadwood on the above tree
                                                              Another collected Mugo
                                                        Beautifully set out Bonsai garden

                                               Ramification on one of the smaller Mugo's
                                                     Needle size and density is incredible

                                Next stop was Mr Dorda. He makes some beautiful bonsai pots

A couple of presents. I am currently negotiating for Mr Dorda to make a pot for my Taxus baccata
 "Big Boy"
Copper effect on the pots

Next we went to Mirek's house and garden. Set in a valley and beautiful setting.

Stream fed pond with a cover to keep away pests

Mirek Jakub and the mad dog
Tomorrows lunch apparently
Views across the valley

Mad dog again. Tibetan Mastiff

The Trophy room

                                             Apparently Mirek has had these in the garden.
This Moose is mounted at the actual height

And finally Mireks trees.
                                                Large Foemina Juniper. Well over a metre tall
Sabina Juniper


Another Dorda Pot



White Pine 

Large Sylvestris deadwood

Me for scale

Another large Foemina

Mugo ready for carving.

A lovely deadwood feature

                                                        Just 5 cream cakes before Dinner.
Large Quercus

                                                               Korean Hornbeam
                                                                                  Trident Maple


Large Picea

Beautiful movement

More deadwood on a sylvestris
The tree I am to carve on Sunday

After another meal, more wine and beer and only 2 hours sleep I was ready for bed. Working on the Saturday with Pavel will follow.......

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