Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Burrs 2012...The best so far...Day 1

Returned from Burrs with lots of new friends and fantastic memories. I have spoken to Tony since and he said it was easily the best Burrs event to date. I travelled up early with my friend Simon H as Tony wanted to say thank you with a nice meal and a few drinks. Then the artists were to spend the day in Tony's garden and do some work on his material trees. One of them being a very special Yew (Taxus). Ofer Grunwald from Israel wire this tree and the styling was carried out by Enrico Savini. The weather was so wet and cold that I didn't get a finished picture of the styling and Tony has promised he will get me one.
The deadwood on this Yew was amazing

Old Taxus like this have very slow grown branches that prove to be difficult to bend. A branch needed towards the back had some wood removed to help with the bending. Tony starting the process.
Here you can see how the branch has been thinned
A hole was then drilled into the trunk to take wires.
Two wires were pushed into the hole.....
....and then secured with Raffia

the whole branch was then covered with Raffia, black tape and then Copper wire.
Guy wires were then used to help draw the branch in to place
Then Enrico styled the branch
The light faded fast so as I said earlier, there is no finished image. I will update this thread.

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