Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Burrs 2012. Sunday.

Well here we are and the weekend always goes too quickly. Artists and participants carried on working until after a late Lunch and then people started to leave and go home. Some more pics of the finished trees,            before and after. It was such a rush on Sunday as a lot of people had areas that needed some carving before they left
And some were just happy to leave with some structural work carried out.
David F...Busy, Busy
Some of the trees, well on the way to becoming bonsai
More carving.
Was given a large jar of Slovakian Honey for the work I carried out on the deadwood.
Ian Stewartson popped in for the afternoon. Like Tony's new hairstyle???
David's Pine before....
....and after
Josef's Larch before....
...and after
Robs Spruce
Stand up man!!
Some discussion with Hans about the final design
and the finished tree.
Malcolm and Rob in the background with Molly on his Larch
Where's all the tree gone.
Molly's Larch at the next stage of the journey
Juraj's Larch group
Changed his tshirt just for the picture
Grahams Pine
Pavel's design
Very rotten Privet
all the rot was removed and some separation was created to keep it drier
Terry Fosters beautiful Hawthorn on natural stone
and the final pictures before people started to leave. Put it away Hans!!!
Until 2013 at least???
Thanks  to Chris and Hans and to anyone else for the use of some of the photographs.

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