Saturday, November 17, 2012

Burrs 2012 and Saturday evening

After the first day, we all sat down to a great meal and everyone was asked to bring some local produce. Turns out it was mostly of an alcoholic nature. Much fun was had as everyone loosened up and Tony being who he is, bought out in people what they wouldn't ordinarily do.
National anthems were a favourite moment and the Czech and Slovakian members won hands down

One of Tony's self promotion exercises.
                                                                Jose's dulcet tones
                                      Everyone was well into the spirit of things...Literally!!
Ofer's offering...
Rob A giving it some!!
A few fans gather round for an autograph.
The Welsh lacking sheep at the event have to turn to each other!!
What next I wonder....
People did return to discussing trees and this went on into the early hours....
Some of us didn't bother with sleep at all....
Will post the last days trees soon.....

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