Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Troll and other carving work in Denmark

On the third day Ole asked me to refine the carving on a few of the trees in his personal collection. The first work was on the root of this yamadori Larch.         
Depth was added to the rather flat looking root
The fluffy stuff was burned away. This seems to toughen the wood as well.
I also did a small amount of work on this old piece of Yew. The front and front right branch had been carved but too many tool marks remained.
I need to get a more finished picture of the next two pics as I forgot to take them at the end.
The right branch
Chuhin sized yamadori Larch
There were a lot of cut and oversized stubs to deal with.
Some deep hollows were made and the stubs reduced diguise them
Unfortunately the really fine carving tool that I add minute detail had gone missing so that will be left for another time
The cut at the top was carved to add further movement and hollowed considerably.
Detail of the two large branches on the left at the base that were hollowed and  made to look like a much larger old scar.
The Troll starting to appear
Two ears, eyes, a big nobbly nose and a mouth. Good fun this one.