Monday, July 9, 2012

Nordic bonsai Summercamp (day 2 workshop)

Day 2 of the Summercamp was a workshop with  9 students and a variety of trees at different stages of development but mostly excellent material.I didn't get a before picture of this sylvestris but I could see a much smaller tree within the branches.                                             
Larger branches were removed
And the same on the front.
The Pine was wired and shaped to add movement to the initial part of the top and cascade branch. Some work was done to the heavy jin as well. I will update the blog with the first styling when I get the picture.
Two sylvestris that were collected together. It was suggested to move the smaller one in closer to the larger one and the larger one had wire placed along the entire length of the trunk and was slowly twisted to place the longer branches on the outside or left side of the front. The trunk was twisted through180%
Another sylvestris with an unusual trunk

No needles were removed at this stage as backbudding was needed and the strength of the tree was paramount. Initial styling carried out
A large Hawthorn had some initial carving carried out.
Some block carving on a small campestre

Peter carving his Prunus.
Styling work on another sylvestris.
Lower branch nearly finished. Very few finished pictures and sorry about the quality of these. I will update the thread once I have some more pics.

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