Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) from urban waste ground

I bought this tree cheaply from a bonsai nursery many moons ago. I chose it because at the time it was very straight and had little taper. I wanted it for a club demo to show that something could be made from nothing.
 Since then it has sat on my benches and has just been clipped and grown. Today (March 23) I wanted to improve the carving as it is very flat and I want a hollow twisted tree

Deadwood was removed only as far as sapwood and then stopped. Once it has seasoned, I will take it further

 I bought the Dremel 4000 and wanted to try it out. I have left some deadwood on for now but the idea is to have a completely hollow tree and that you can see the spiral well
It has aged really well in a bonsai pot situation and its a shame I have no early pictures as it is a massive transformation. I will update over the coming months and years

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