Saturday, July 20, 2013

Troublesome White Pine

A good friend of mine has had this White Pine for a number of years and wanted some help with its styling. The top was completely flat and some branches were very thick, the foliage was a long way out and it needed direction. Here are some before pictures of Chris's Pine. The old front.
This new front was selected as the trunk line was quite sweet and feminine. This also set the first branch at a good angle so style the rest of the tree
The tree was styled over a couple of  short sessions. Chris cleaning the weeds before the second and last placement
 A very thick branch in the centre of the tree was split and bent to add character to the branch as it was fat and straight. Splitting and bending also helped to shorten the branch visually.
I gave Chris time to think about removing the bottom branch as I thought it too low. Off it came.
The bottom branch gone and a much cleaner line.
The back. Some growing to do now.
A much more feminine and compact solution. No spiralled branches either and a much brighter future

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