Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some new stills added to the English Elm (Ulmus minor) thread. Click the link.
                                                                        And more........


  1. Sleepy hollow tree ? :)
    The ramifications are impressive!
    The taper and trunk flow is awsome!

    I dont really like the pot in this context though, somehow it feels massive, overpowering, draws my eye away from the tree.

    Have you ever considered an oval or rounded shaped pot, say 3/4 or 1/2 that pot's height, assuming there's enough roots of course.

  2. Thank you Xavier. It's funny you should mention the pot as I only contacted Gordon Duffett yesterday with regards to a new pot for this tree. Much softer lines were suggested but the depth of the pot is needed as Elms grow much better in deeper pots and the health of the tree is paramount.

  3. Still bloody stunning Will

    Hope your well buddy


  4. I am well Andy, thanks. Haven't seen you for ages. Hoe your busy with the pot commissions. Hope to see you soon mate.