Friday, July 1, 2011

My Church.

This ancient woodland which is not far from me, is my favourite place. One of Henry VIII's Deer parks and an old map of that time shows nearly all the trees are still alive. None of the Oaks and Holly's are very tall but they have huge amounts of character and deadwood. My main inspiration for lowland deadwood carving is gleaned from this magical woodland. Hope you enjoy the pictures.       

A local estuary, with large trees washing out of the banks. Black Poplar.

                                                               Large Oak
Eventually the trees are undermined by the tides.
Back up the bank is this stunning old pollarded Oak

This is the oldest Oak in Suffolk. Recorded as 1000 years old and completely hollow.

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  1. Just fantastic!!
    Let's just hope no 'lunatic' thinks of cutting them down.