Monday, May 2, 2011

Denmark 2011

I arrived at Copenhagen early Friday morning to be greeted by Lone and Otto Rasmussen. Before going to their house we had all been invited to Ole's nursery, Nordic Bonsai, for a very fine lunch lunch and a private view. Some stunning trees and material, and all set in a  beautiful rural setting. 
Some wonderful Scandinavian collected Sylvestris
This one particularly caught my eye
Ole with the same tree

And again.
Saturday morning and time for the weekend workshop. A few missing from the photo but some great material in the tent. Lots of carving and styling to be done. A really friendly and receptive bunch of people. A pleasure to work with.
Lone's Oak. Some nasty cut stumps and lacking in movement.
Block carving carried out and a first styling. Refining of the deadwood will be carried out next year, as the deadwood will have dried properly
Lone's Larch from last year.
A Swedish Sylvestris as it was at the start of the weekend.
The inverse taper was improved and carved. Then the foliage was restyled.
This Korean Hornbeam had an old scar at the top and bottom. It was decided that we would join the two together with some carving
A closer picture of the work.
Ole collected this Juniper from his garden. Some carving and styling had been carried out but both needed work in refining.
The result at the end of the weekend.
I didn't get a chance to photograph Birthe's one before as I was very busy. I was really pleased with the result.
Peters Ligustrum before refining the carving.
A small change of angle and a reasonable improvement to the Germans tree.
                                          Can't wait for next year. This bunch are such good fun.